What VA Home & Business Owners Are Saying:

I have a busy schedule and find it hard to take on extra home projects. So I hired The Cleanest Choice to clean and organize my daughter’s bedroom, our garage and the shed. What a great feeling to come home and see a perfectly clean and organized space, where there once was chaos. They have a real knack for making any space spotless, orderly and functional. What a great combination!

-Sue, Librarian

Your cleaning services have been instrumental in my business for the past several years. In 15 years in the business of property management I have not been as pleased with any other cleaning service I have used. In our business we rent housing to over 100 college students and they sometimes leave the houses in “Animal House” condition. The Cleanest Choice crew always returns them to a spit and shine condition which can be offered to new residents with pride. I also have several homes on the market for sale; ranging in price from 200K - 1 million. I count on The Cleanest Choice to keep these looking spotless for showings and open houses. They always leave a great presentation. I highly recommend their services without any reservation.

-John, Warner Properties

After having some remodeling done in my home, the construction dust had settled everywhere, throughout the entire house. The Cleanest Choice came in and cleaned my house from top to bottom. Not a speck of dust was left. No one cleans like they do!

-Sharon, Rose & Womble Realtor

I called The Cleanest Choice after my home sold. I needed it detailed for the walk through with the new owners. I also needed the home I was moving into cleaned. My wife has difficulty with asthma and I needed the new place to be spic and span. The Cleanest Choice did a fabulous job. I was so impressed; I have never seen a place so clean! It was money very well spent. I will certainly call on them again in the future, and I highly recommend them to others.

-Danny, Electrician

My recommendation of The Cleanest Choice comes without any reservations. They have cleaned my home for over 3 years and I have always been very pleased with their work. I was a missionary in 3 African countries as well as having gone on many short term mission trips, so I have many curios throughout my home. All of which are irreplaceable, and fragile. I am delighted to have someone clean my home who is careful and thorough.

-Margaret, Missionary

The Cleanest Choice cleaned our church for 3 years. We have a large building, and they always did a wonderful job; even working through a large remodeling project and its many cleaning and organizing challenges. They are completely thorough and reliable. We highly recommend The Cleanest Choice.

-Westside Church

About 2 years ago I stopped cleaning my apartment due to an illness. I was fatigued and could not manage to do anything. When I went to the doctor I was diagnosed with lung cancer. While I was recovering in the hospital from surgery the team from The Cleanest Choice spent 3 days cleaning and organizing my apartment. They went through everything, even organizing my drawers and beneath the bed, washing 26 loads of laundry and placing my pictures beautifully back on the walls. When I arrived home from the hospital I could not believe it! The Cleanest Choice performed a miracle for me. It makes this long and slow recovery much easier. Thank you to this dedicated team!

-Sheila, Cancer Survivor

What Our Chesapeake, VA Cleaning Staff Are Saying:

I have been with The Cleanest Choice for over a year now and I love it! I have the most professional and courteous boss I have ever had the pleasure of working for. Nothing compares to the pride of doing our best work for our customers. All of what The Cleanest Choice has taught me has carried over into so many different areas of my life and that is why this really is The Cleanest Choice!

-Christina, Employee

It is a pleasure working for The Cleanest Choice. They taught me details about cleaning that I never would have thought of. I now have a cleaner home because of them!

-Kimberly, Employee

Having a summer job was hard to find due to the economy, especially for a college student. But that wasn’t so with The Cleanest Choice! Not only was it a summer job, it strengthened my work ethic and taught me so much about life. The other employees were so easy and fun to be around. I always loved coming to work. We also had an amazingly patient, fair, and helpful boss...who not only taught us how to clean, but helped us grow in our character. Life is messy, so let The Cleanest Choice help you clean it up, I did!

-Janelle, Employee

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